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Who can apply?

The Applicant has a UK partner who meets one of the following:

  1. British Citizen in the UK; or
  2. Indefinite Leave to Remain /  ‘Settled Status’ in the UK; or
  3. Pre-Settled Status under the EU Settlement Scheme; or
  4. In the UK with Refugee leave or with Humanitarian protection.
  5. Turkish businessperson or Turkish Worker Visa (ECAA)


Who is a spouse/partner?

This is a person(Sponsor) who is either:

  • Married or
  • Unmarried with 2years of living together or
  • Civil partnership

► You can also apply if you are a fiancé, fiancée or proposed civil partner and will marry or enter into a civil partnership in the UK within 6 months of arriving.


Financial Requirement

This is the requirement that most people fail to satisfy. The general requirement is £18,600. This can be satisfied by the following:

  • Salary of £18,600 annually. This needs to be before tax and there are various ways to demonstrate this depending on whether you work fixed or variable hours. Call one of our senior consultants to discuss further.
  • If you are self-employed your last tax year will be crucial to prove this and the profits are taken into consideration. This can become very complex so its best to have a FREE CONSULTATION with one of our senior immigration lawyers.
  •  You can also show cash savings but this must be atleast £16,000 and in your control.
  • You can also combine various incomes to satisfy the income threshold.
  • Where the applicant’s partner is in receipt of specified benefits or allowances in the UK such as Cares Allowance, Personal Independence Payment (PIP) etc.

► If you have non-British children who are to be included in your application then the threshold of £18,600 increases by £3,800 for your first child and £2,400 for each additional child.


In addition to the above there are other requirements the Home Office will take into consideration such as:

  • Genuine relationship

The home office will want to see that it is not a ‘sham’ relationship. We will provide you with a tailored document list to demonstrate this.


  • Housing Requirements

Generally, a room should be sufficient. However, it must not be overcrowded and if you have children there are certain Rules to follow. Further, the sponsor should be able to accommodate without recourse to public funds.


  • English language 

Depending on your application this can either be a A1 or a A2 level test you need to pass. Note that you should only sit for a test from an ‘approved’ provider and know which category to sit for.


  • Criminality


  • Tubercolosis (TB) test 

Not required if you are from an exempted country


Conditions of stay:

  • Limited leave to remain of 33months for entry clearance or 30 months if switching in-country
  • Spouse visa applicants will not be able to receive ‘public funds’ or ‘benefits’.
  • You and your dependant can work, without restrictions 



  • In-country applications (standard service) are fairly quick and a decision is made within 4-8weeks. There is a priority service, with an additional fee, where a decision is made within 5 working days.
  • Standard service Applications from abroad take at least 16 weeks to 24 weeks (six months) whereas the fast-track service, with an additional fee, takes 30 working days/6 weeks.

► It might take longer if your application is complex for example you don’t meet a requirement or are called for an interview etc. 


Time for settlement

It generally takes those on a spouse visa 5 years to be able to acquire Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). The applicant is granted 33 months on entry clearance and then the visa is renewed for another 30 months. It is only after Indefinite Leave to Remain is acquired, the applicant will at that point stop being dependent on their partner (the sponsor) to be able to stay in the UK.

► Therefore, you need to remain with the same partner throughout the term of your visa and continue to meet the eligibility requirements.

► You will also need to pass the English Language of CEFR B1 level and the Life in the UK Test, unless exempt due to age or medical reasons.



Our fees range from £1500 but it may increase depending on the complexity of the application.

In addition to our fixed fee for spouse visa entry clearance, the applicant also has to pay the Home office UKVI fees and the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) for the UK visa entry clearance application.

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