Career profile

Following the completion of her undergraduate in 1990, Harvinder worked as a paralegal and before successfully undertaking her Bar Finals in 1991 Harvinder was appointed as a Legal Assistant (a Non-Practicing Barrister) with a firm of Solicitors in 1991.   


Harvinder has for the last five years concentrated on substantive immigration work and has conducted numerous matters within the jurisdictions of the IAT and The Supreme Courts of Justice.  As an immigration practitioner, Harvinder has drafted grounds for Leave to Appeal to the IAT, pleadings and successful renewal applications in Judicial Review Proceedings.  Harvinder has also assisted with the development of “private client” work in relation to immigration business law applications.  Harvinder has developed HIV immigration work and provides a free-advice surgery to an established HIV centre on a weekly basis. 


Harvinder is very conscious of the significant political and media attention given to immigration practitioners in the United Kingdom and feels strongly that all asylum applicants in the United Kingdom should be properly and professionally represented.  Before becoming a founding Partner of CK Solicitors, Harvinder was the head of an expanding immigration department of 5 fee earners (two solicitors, three case-workers).  Following Harvinder’s arrival, the immigration department had expanded from 1 fee-earners to 5 fee-earners.  A three-fold increase in “Matter-Starts” were awarded and the overall block contract for the department experienced a 200% increase.  Further, Harvinder successfully spearheaded a successful Specialist Quality Mark Application in relation to the other branch office. 

Harvinder considers one of the reasons for her successful team supervision to be a thorough working knowledge of immigration law & procedure together with the Legal Services Commission’s Transaction Criteria under the General Civil Contract. Harvinder has prepared and presented several training seminars in relation to Transaction Criteria together with effective case & file management.  Harvinder has always strongly advocated the development of caseworkers for matters undertaken in relation to the Legal Help Scheme, and more senior caseworkers and/or newly qualified solicitors for matters under the Controlled Representation Scheme.

In mid-2003, Harvinder accepted a consultancy position with the Legal Services Commission as an Immigration Peer Reviewer.   Harvinder was a member of the first Legal Services Peer Review team and has now become a committed member of the peer review panel.  As a committee Peer Review member, Harvinder assists the Legal Service Commission with recruitment and training of Immigration Peer Reviewers. 

Harvinder undertook over immigration peer review audits in relation to over one hundred firms of solicitors throughout the UK.   In mid-2008, Harvinder was approached by the Legal Service Commission to carry out the first ever electronic (“paperless”) Peer Review Audit.  In late 2008, Harvinder was again approached by the Legal Service Commission (in conjunction with the Scottish Law Society) to carry out the first LSC Scottish Peer Review Audit. 

In April 2004, Harvinder achieved a career goal of setting up her own law firm, CK Solicitors which was awarded a Legal Aid Franchise in the category of Immigration in April 2004.  As a direct result of efforts made by the Partners of CK Solicitors (Mrs Harvinder Kaur and Mr Simon Chitolie), and went onto develop, with CK Solicitors eleven publically funding contracts in nine publically funding areas (Immigration, Crime, Family, Mental Health, Housing, Employment, Welfare Benefits, Debt, and Community Care).

Harvinder has developed a unique incite and understanding into the logistical working of the Legal Services Commission/Legal Aid Agency (LAA).  Harvinder and her Partner, Mr Simon Chitolie, have an excellent audit record over the last nine years.  Indeed, CK Solicitors have never failed an audit whether Pre-Special Quality Mark, Post -Special Quality Mark, Cost Compliance Audit, or Peer Review.

Harvinder continues to specialise in Immigration matters.  Harvinder has continued to work in partnership with numerous Non Profit Organisations and often conducts legal surgeries on a weekly basis.  Harvinder has an established immigration client following and her immigration legal experience is vast, covering, amongst other things; asylum, bail, human rights (including HIV/Aids, and “Overstayers”), settlement, entry clearance, revocation of ILR, all nationality and citizenship matters, all managed migration matters, all appeals, and public law.  Harvinder is an immigration practitioner whom is fully adverse with conducting immigration matters whether on under a LAA publicly funding scheme (“controlled” or licensed”) or as a private client matter.    

Further, Harvinder was a Senior Panel Member of the Peer Review Team with the Legal Services Commission.  Harvinder accepted this consultancy appointment in mid-2003 and was a member of the first Legal Services Peer Review team and have now undertaken a substantial number of reviews of firms of solicitors. Initially as a peer reviewer, Harvinder had to travel all over the UK to conduct the peer reviews. Harvinder was invited by the Scottish peer review team to undertake peer review work in Scotland.  Harvinder went to become acknowledged as one of the most Senior Panel Members of the Immigration Peer Review team.  In September 2012, Harvinder decided to leave the LAA Peer Review Team to concentrate on her role as a Partner at CK Solicitors.    Harvinder remains a Partner of CK Solicitors, has been primarily responsible for the Firm’s Lexcel Accreditation.